Indivisible IL 14 Outreach Team Agenda & Meeting Notes 3/11/2017


Goals of the group

  • Create a structure and database from which to launch any idea into action
  • Overall goals for Youth Outreach:
    • Identify youth groups in our district to support their actions and involve them in ours.
    • Identify opportunities to engage our youth into being active and informed voters. We will be
    • engaging with our public high schools on a non-political level to help raise our voter
    • registration and participation rates. We will also be working to discover ways to encourage
    • participation in the policy debate that will happen when the election process begins in 2018.
    • Identify opportunities to develop and support our future leaders. Find opportunities to
    • opportunities to encourage youth to take on civic roles, run for office and work in our
    • government.

What we have done

  • Created our database of high schools
  • Started our database of other organizations
  • Initiated contact with the League of Women Voters
  • Initiated investigation into registration and people becoming registrars
  • Partnered with a woman from ABT who is going to help with high school registration in our
  • district. We will also supplement what she does.
  • Began communicating with other groups in our district to coordinate

What we are doing

  • “Guide to Voting” – Working on a database to define and educate people about the positions they are voting to elect people to.
  • Working on our upcoming actions regarding our letters to the principal.
    • Next week will be our first
    • Subject: April election and voter turnout in odd year elections
    • Data sheets are available and will be posted for each county with the following:
      • Statistics on turnout in 2015 with source
      • Link to sample ballot
      • Link to Find my polling station
    • Over the summer we will be writing to the school boards
    • We have discussed including universities but not how we want to do that
  • Our letters will be focused and will evolve from voter registration through being an informed voter to voter turnout. Other actions will include:
  • Calls and letters to our high schools to encourage participation in any town hall scheduled by Rep.Hultgren, Senator Durbin or Senator Duckworth.
    • Calls and letters to our high schools to encourage participation in any debates that occur for next year’s election
    • These are NON-POLITICAL events. We will be stressing these are not protests or promoted along any political lines. Our purpose is engagement.

Other Ideas:

  • Homecoming and Voter registration
  • Events for young people
  • Alumni high school group contact for voter registration (5 and 10 year reunions)
  • Identify internship roles for youth

What we need

  • Volunteers to gather information for our database
  • Leadership structure
  • League of Women Voter’s Liaison/Expert
  • Registration and Registrar Coordinator/Expert
  • YOUR ideas
  • You to build your own database/email list of contacts

Proposed structure:

  • Indivisible 14 Outreach Coordinator: Drew
  • Youth Outreach Coordinators: Tiff and Elke
    • DeKalb County Leader
    • DuPage County Leader
    • Kane County Leader
    • Kendall County Leader
    • Lake County Leader – Maureen Slade
    • McHenry County Leader
    • Will County Leader
  • Outreach to Activist groups
  • Outreach to non Activist groups such as businesses and religious organizations
  • Registration Coordinator/Expert
  • League of Women Voters Liaison/Coordinator

Once we come up with more projects and people have ideas they want to lead, we can assign leaders for those things.

Notes: Discussed at Meeting

At the general meeting a few people brought up contacting our community colleges. Tiff explained this was in the works already and will make sure that is the next task completed.

A few people brought up wanting to work with immigrants. An ICE app for your phone was mentioned as a way to be aware of deportations. We will put this topic on hold until someone is interested in or has time to perform the research.

Elke and Tiff collected a few individual names, Christine took the sheets people signed up on to process. Tiff added hers to the team list in youth outreach with notes.

The Tenth Dems is a group out of Lake County that holds events like “Let’s talk Politics” and panels. Was brought to our attention by Nicki W. is interested in working with youth contact.

Maureen S. attended a LWV meeting that morning:

  • She talked with a few people directly, took names but nobody gave contact info
  • Facebook pages list events (Tiff will research those and find all that apply to our district)
  • They only do mock elections during Presidential election years!! (This leaves us a known gap in
  • what they do).
  • League of Women Voters is non-political but takes positions on issues
  • State Representative Lang was there
    • Gave a talk about the budget crisis. “Not an impasse, it is a crisis”
    • Is sponsoring the ERA in IL. After it passes in IL it will only need 1 more state to pass it to elevate it to the federal level
  • They have power point presentations of their programs and forums

It was discussed that we don’t necessarily need to know a bunch of registrars. The county should help us with registration events also.

The Boy Scouts has a civics badge and programs. Does the Girl Scouts? We decided to move the scouting groups to the Youth outreach for contact.

Tiff will work on the following:

  • Get all the materials together for our letter to the principal and consult with Christine to figure out the best way to post it.
  • Finish the letters to be made contact with the various college groups, local political groups, etc. I’d like that to go out by next week
  • Identify the information for each county’s LWV group and pull any upcoming events from their calendars

Elke will work on the following:

  • Continue to direct people toward research if they come to her with interest
  • Continue her research into libraries, call a few to see what we need to do to get voter registration info more prominently on their sites.

The issue of having a meeting more south was discussed with the problem of meeting places not resolved at this point. Decided to keep it at Hidden Pearl for now.

We are in discussion of how best to handle our outreach to the high school principals. The concern is bombarding and upsetting a key group of people we need as allies.