The basic idea is that the only way to really challenge things will be by electing new representatives in two years.

There are two ways for this to happen, increase the number of voters and or convince other people to think differently. To do the second we thought these people would have to accept different or new information. It seemed that Letters to the Editor was the quickest, cheapest way to accomplish this. We started with the assumption that most people, even those that are politically different, are a lot like us. My assumption here comes from President Obama that “we have far more in common than that which divides us.”

So we started looking into ideas of how to talk to people who might have different views than us. So the idea is to provide information to as many people as possible as cheaply as possible in a way that everyone will listen and maybe accept the information.

The plan is to write letters to the editor based on facts and research that are written in a way that do not attack.

  1. We would like to cover the Northwest Herald, Antioch Herald, Kane County News, and Kendall County News.
  2. Have specialists in the following areas: Environment, Technology and Communication, Finance, Economy, Human Services and Education and all things Hultgren.
  3. Have people specialize in Rebuttals, Advocacy, Legislation, and all things Hultgren.
  4. Write these letters based on principles of good persuasive methods.
  5. We would like to have a letter every day in every publication.

Things you should be aware of when writing

  • Sarcasm is anger
  • Support your statements
  • Remember we are all Americans
  • Find common ground and provide a positive solution along with good info
  • Identify the emotion involved (anger, fear..etc) and go from there

Here are a few examples of the work we are doing-

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