If you are like most people, you don’t get your understanding of what a law will do by reading the bill. You get it when someone explains its impact; . you get it when people share their life experiences and how that law will (or already does) affect them personally.

If I didn’t point out the sunrise this morning was beautiful, you would probably go through your day without even thinking about it. I could tell you about its beauty but you wouldn’t really be able to appreciate it unless I showed you a picture or you experienced it yourself.

Your representatives may write and vote for legislation but that does not mean they understand what it does unless we show them. Similarly, an electorate will take a side but may not really understand the impact unless people speak up. Sharing your story helps educate others and generate compassion about the true effects of policy.

So, this month we are going to focus on sharing our stories with our representatives and each other.  There are many ideas to choose from for all levels of participation such as:

  • Letters to the editor.
  • Videos: Record a short video and upload it to Facebook or send it to Rep. Hultgren, Sen. Durbin and/or Sen. Duckworth. Need a topic? Here are some suggestions:
    • What are your personal concerns about healthcare, Medicare or Medicaid?
    • What are your personal concerns about education?
    • What concerns you have about the environment?
    • Why do you like living in IL14?
  • Photos: Take some photos and upload them to Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram and send them to your representatives. You can do whatever you want in one photo or create a story from a series of them;  be creative!
    • Photos of what you love about IL14
    • Photos of things that concern you
    • Photos of you or others holding statements and messages for Rep Hultgren, Sen. Durbin and Sen. Duckworth
  • Blog: Submit your story, letter to the editor or letter to your member of Congress to our blog by emailing it to IndivisibleIL14@gmail.com
  • Plan a group meeting or social event
    • Have a postcard party
    • Have a video/photo party and help each other record your stories.
    • Host an “Ice Cream for Change Social” and plan ways to make your voices heard.
    • Host a meeting to plan an action
    • Create a neighborhood canvasing group to meet and get to know your neighbors

Don’t forget to share public events, photos, and ideas about how you are sharing your stories to our Facebook and web pages!

Every voice added to the resistance makes us louder. Add your voice today and encourage others to join. Together we will be heard.