While there may have been concern about the wording for some aspects of our blog post last week two facts remain – the Democratic voters of IL-14 overwhelmingly have chosen Lauren Underwood to be our next representative and we remain steadfast in our commitment to see that Randy Hultgren is not re-elected in November.

There were many candidates to choose from that would have made competent representatives, but to have one candidate in a field of seven win with over 50% of the vote speaks to the fact that Lauren’s campaign touched voters in a way that no other campaign was able to do.

As citizen-leaders of this group we made a commitment from the very outset of the campaign to use our platform to amplify all the candidates voices. Our goal was and still is to inform voters and encourage an active electorate. As administrators we refrained from posting our personal opinions but allowed all campaigns to use the FB group to reach our membership with their messages. We retweeted all the candidates to our followers on Twitter and remained agnostic throughout the primary campaign.

This resulted in some lively discussions in the group as there were some candidates with positions that many people disagreed with. We tried our best to allow free discussion among members, but did occasionally step in when we felt folks were being too derogatory either toward a candidate or toward each other.

We have tried to keep the group on target – that being either Hultgren, candidates for IL-14, or candidates for local positions that touch the 14th district. We have made this clear many times that general news about Trump, who was fired today, the Mueller investigation, and any number of other general topics can be found everywhere and our goal is to have a place where you can go where you do not have to sift through all that in order to see news about our local candidates or issues. We have and we do remove posts that are off topic based on these guidelines.

With all that said, I still stand by the gist of our statement. The voters have overwhelming chosen Lauren A. Underwood to be our nominee to run against Hultgren in the general election. We as an Admin team will be supporting Underwood and will work with her campaign to amplify her voice and would encourage anyone who can to do the same.

However, if you feel like you cannot support Underwood, but you are still strongly against Hultgren, then there is definitely a place for you here. In any campaign there is the positive and negative; the positive message about your candidate and the negative message about the other candidate. Hultgren has a lot of negative things that can be brought to the attention of IL-14 constituents who may not be aware of his extreme positions. We still need people to get this information out to their neighbors and friends at every opportunity.

The push is on to the general election! While we know that no nominee can be everything to everyone we encourage you to find the things you like about the nominee, push her to change the things you don’t like, and most of all encourage your friends and neighbors to VOTE!