We are a group of concerned citizens dedicated to ensuring the continuation of our democracy based upon the tenets put forth through the Indivisible Guide. We believe in and promote community activism at all levels of government–from the local to national stage.

We believe that it is our duty to make Rep. Randy Hultgren aware of our opposition to the “Trump agenda.” We will employ the tactics of community activism, peaceful protest, community outreach, and community education to promote the well being of democracy within IL-14.

Indivisible Illinois 14 is a grassroots – ground up structure. We want to enable you to do what you want. This structure provides you the freedom to pursue actions that align to your interests. We are here to help you accomplish those goals.

If you have an idea for an action, then we can help you find volunteers to you organize or connect you with other groups.


Actions come in all shapes and sizes. It is easy to overwhelm yourself with having to know ‘everything that is happening’.That can lead to burnout. To help, try narrowing your scope to topics which interest you. From there you can identify actions that align to your interest and desired level of engagement.

Actions can include:

Phone calls to your MoC
MoC Office Visit
Writing postcards (or hosting a postcard party)
Attending a Town Hall, Rally, Protest
Hosting a voter registration drive
Becoming a precinct committee person
Running for office
Volunteering in a campaign

There is no one right or wrong way to become active. We encourage everyone to find their niche and start their activism from there. That does not diminish your concerns on other topics, but it can allow you to focus and feel effective.